Planning Ahead for a Great Trip

Posted on September 9, 2008 @ 11:17 am

I don’t get to travel as much as I would like, so it is especially important that I plan my trips to the tee.  When I go to travel, I want to make sure that the experience is extraordinary, and that I come home with amazing memories, not disappointments.

In order to ensure that I end up having perfect travel plans, I make sure to make plenty of lists and do a lot of research.

The lists help me to make sure that I don’t forget anything.  This includes my luggage and other preparations that I have to do before the trip such as arrange for someone to take care of my fish while I am gone.  I don’t want to have to be called back early from my trip due to some calamity, so I make sure that I have lists for everything.

I also do research by reading the couple of good travel blog sites that I have found.  They not only give me good insight and advice, but also help me to know what to expect from my trip and destination.

Yes, the key to a great trip is planning ahead – at least that is what works for me.

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