The Pack Rat

Posted on August 10, 2008 @ 10:49 pm

After my grandfather passed away, I realized very quickly that he had been a severe pack rat. When we were going through his closet, we found a whole garbage bag full of mens ties. The thing that was most humorous about that is that Granddad did not like wearing ties and wore them only to very special occasions.

The same thing happened as we went through his dresser. He had a whole drawer full of jewelry and he certainly was not the type that would ever wear anything except his pocket watch and his simple wedding band. Why he had a drawer full of cufflinks was completely beyond me.

He had several money clips in the drawer and I know he never used a single one of them. I think that they must have all been gifts at one point and rather than offend the giver by exchanging the item, he packed it away in the drawer for us to find decades later.

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