Cheap Las Vegas Hotels

Posted on July 26, 2008 @ 11:03 am

Most people assume that when something is cheap it is of lesser quality.  I would have to say that that is not entirely true as cheap can also mean something on the discount.

Take for example a promotion that is put on by a company for cheap hotel rooms.  You can see this quite often when you hear about a Las Vegas promotion on one of the many hotels found in Las Vegas.  In this case, the Las Vegas hotel promotion is offering you a deal on the room rate so that they can be closer to full capacity and earn money from all of their rooms.

This doesn’t mean that they’re giving you a cheaper room, a shoddier place to stay, or taking away any of the amenities that they offer.  It is just a way for them to make as much money as they can and fill their hotel to capacity.

If you want to see some examples of these types of "cheap rooms", take a lock at the current MGM Signature hotel Las Vegas promo code and get a great night stay for pennies on the dollar.

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