Flipping Homes for Profit

Posted on July 13, 2008 @ 10:29 am

With the hot housing market just warming up last summer, we bought a couple of properties to flip.  It was going to be a new experience for us, but we thought that we would be up to the challenge.

The first house was a good opportunity to learn.  One of us had some construction experience, so we consulted him on all the building decisions.  We replaced all of the bathtubs in the home with shower cubicles thinking that it would be a good idea.

It didn’t end up being a good idea at all.  We had a lot of problems selling it as most people expected to see showers in their homes.

But we did learn that electric showers were a welcome addition to homes – we were able to get more money out of each home that we sold.

We are still learning though.  I have to say though that this has been a profitable venture, the most valuable part of the experience is learning how to flip a house properly – it is something that we can duplicate over and over again.

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