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Finding a Bargain

Posted By Mitefind on July 29, 2008 @ 11:05 pm

I have always been the kind of person who likes to buy things when they are on sale. It was no different when we were planning our Christmas trip. I searched for deals on everything form rental cars to Walt Disney World tickets.

I went to a discount travel site and when I keyed in Hopper tickets information, I was having a hard time navigating the site to find the sales. I wondered if it would just be easier to call a travel agent and have them help me.

Just before I gave up, I saw a little button that I could click for more info and it took me right to the place that I had been looking for. I checked out the prices there and compared them with other websites. When I was satisfied that I was getting the best possible deal, I went ahead and ordered them.

Cheap Las Vegas Hotels

Posted By Admin on July 26, 2008 @ 11:03 am

Most people assume that when something is cheap it is of lesser quality.  I would have to say that that is not entirely true as cheap can also mean something on the discount.

Take for example a promotion that is put on by a company for cheap hotel rooms.  You can see this quite often when you hear about a Las Vegas promotion on one of the many hotels found in Las Vegas.  In this case, the Las Vegas hotel promotion is offering you a deal on the room rate so that they can be closer to full capacity and earn money from all of their rooms.

This doesn’t mean that they’re giving you a cheaper room, a shoddier place to stay, or taking away any of the amenities that they offer.  It is just a way for them to make as much money as they can and fill their hotel to capacity.

If you want to see some examples of these types of "cheap rooms", take a lock at the current MGM Signature hotel Las Vegas promo code and get a great night stay for pennies on the dollar.

Helping Families Reduce Their Credit Card Debt

Posted By Admin on July 23, 2008 @ 4:13 pm

As an investment advisor, is not only my job to help my clients in the best of money properly, but I am there to educate them as well.  This can be something as simple as showing them how to budget their money or how to pick out good investments.

One of the trends that I’ve noticed in the past couple of years, is that we are getting more and more people coming in for poor credit debt consolidation loans.  This is mainly due to living beyond their means and using credit cards as a toy, not a tool.

So I have started to offer a class to my clients on how to reduce credit card debt without declaring bankruptcy.  What we do is teach them how credit cards work and introduce them to the concept of debt diet plans.

By following a structured debt diet, we have been able to reduce the number of people who are struggling with credit card debt to a 10 year low within our organization.  Not only has this increased our business as advisors, but it has also increased customer satisfaction our clients experience.

For me, I just loved to have the opportunity to help others out to be able to live life responsibly and not struggle with their finances.

Looking for Contractors to Work on Projects

Posted By Admin on @ 2:10 pm

As an owner of many investment properties, I find myself always busy doing renovations and improvements to the properties.  This is not only to get better rental rates from my existing rental stock, but to ensure that they stay in the best shape possible.

During the past week, I have contacted many companies for specific jobs that I have needed to get done.  I had to contact a roofing Riverside RI firm, a flat roofing Riverside RI firm and one that specialized in commercial roofing Riverside RI.

That may seem like a lot of companies, but with the number of buildings that we own, this week ended up being an easy one so far.  Provided everyone shows up when they are supposed to, we might actually get to end the week on a happy note.

Zooming With My Zune

Posted By Mitefind on July 21, 2008 @ 4:08 pm

When I first got my Zune player, I was good with just having a Zune dock cable. I played that thing in my bedroom all the time and I listened to it and watched short videos on it while I was on the bus going to school. I loved it and I loved my music.

Then, I found a new love and that was driving. When I got my driver’s license, I bought a car form my uncle for five hundred dollars and I found that I was going to have to buy a Zune car charger. I spent nearly as much time in that car as I did in my bedroom.

My mom bought me a Zune travel charger for my high school graduation and we joked about how she must want me out of the house now. I still love my Zune and I take it with me wherever I go and now I can also charge it wherever I go as well.


Posted By Mitefind on July 20, 2008 @ 12:32 pm

When my boyfriend and I had been dating for several months, he finally took me home to meet his family. As I was browsing at all of the photos on the wall, I was really surprised to see that he was wearing glasses in most of the pictures. When I asked him about it, he informed me that he had undergone laser eye surgery.

I was impressed that he had been so brave, as I thought it was something I would have never considered, but he told me that it was pretty harmless. He explained all of the most common laser surgery side effects and told me that he had not experienced any.

By the end of the weekend, I was completely convinced that it was something that I should do and I decided to go ahead with the LASIK Wavefront procedure. I was equally impressed with the results and I am so glad that I did it. It was all thanks to some old pictures on the wall at my future in-laws house.

Time to Upgrade

Posted By Admin on July 19, 2008 @ 3:48 pm

After having the same cell phone for over five years, I knew that it was definitely time for an upgrade. I had more than got my money’s worth out of my current phone and did not feel guilty getting a new one. I did a little bit of research about gsm encryption, to better make an informed decision on what phone I should get.

I know that phone encryption is not something that a lot of people look at when purchasing a cell phone, but it was something that was important to me. I also wanted some extra features on my new phone, such as an mp3 player and a camera.

After doing a lot of research online, I found my perfect phone. It had the gsm security that I was looking for, the mp3 player, a camera and, as an added bonus, several games to play while I was waiting for the bus.

Drive Safe – Pay Less for Auto Insurance

Posted By Mitefind on July 18, 2008 @ 4:12 pm

Living in Saskatchewan, I had never needed an auto insurance quote before. It is all government run there and you pay whatever they tell you to pay. When we moved out of province, I was a little lost when I found out that I had to shop around with different companies.

Things were so much simpler in Saskatchewan, albeit more expensive. It was actually fun to find out what different companies charged for car insurance. I did, however, learn that if I got into an accident, it would cost me a lot more here than it would have before.

I guess as long as I drive safe and keep my record clean, then car insurance Ontario will be way cheaper in the long run. I am a pretty good driver, even more so since becoming a mom, but I still have to worry about all the crazy people that I am sharing the road with.

Win Money by Competing in a SEO Contest

Posted By Admin on July 17, 2008 @ 10:12 am

I find that there is not a lot of opportunity to compete for prizes or to be truly honored for your skills in the workplace.  Sure, I have had promotions and raises, but beyond that, quite often there are no awards given to you by your peers in recognition of your abilities.

A good example would be for the countless webmasters online who do SEO on a daily basis.  What do they get for a reward?

Well, besides the traffic and potential income, most of us just perform our roles and never get recognized for the exceptional skills that we have when it comes to marketing.

That changes right now.

If you are an SEO expert (or think you are), now is your chance to prove how good you are and get recognized by the industry.  Participate in the Busby SEO Challenge, prove your skills, and be rewarded.  It is free to compete.  If you are interested, check out the following site for the complete Busby seo challenge details.

Flipping Homes for Profit

Posted By Admin on July 13, 2008 @ 10:29 am

With the hot housing market just warming up last summer, we bought a couple of properties to flip.  It was going to be a new experience for us, but we thought that we would be up to the challenge.

The first house was a good opportunity to learn.  One of us had some construction experience, so we consulted him on all the building decisions.  We replaced all of the bathtubs in the home with shower cubicles thinking that it would be a good idea.

It didn’t end up being a good idea at all.  We had a lot of problems selling it as most people expected to see showers in their homes.

But we did learn that electric showers were a welcome addition to homes – we were able to get more money out of each home that we sold.

We are still learning though.  I have to say though that this has been a profitable venture, the most valuable part of the experience is learning how to flip a house properly – it is something that we can duplicate over and over again.