Are Phone Cards Better than the Phone Company?

Posted on June 26, 2008 @ 11:46 pm

I have always wondered if phone cards were better than getting your long distance through the phone company.  I see the really low rates that are promised on the displays in stores and on websites, but it was my understanding that they always charged a connection fee.

But when I was reading a blog about the cheapest calling cards, I realized that I might have been wrong.  You see, the cards that they mentioned in their article didn’t have connection fees and in some instances were as much as ten times cheaper than what my phone company charged by the minute.

So, I have ordered a couple of them and I will be trying them out.  Sure, I don’t make a lot of long distance calls, but the cost does add up each month.  I figure that if the amount that I spend on calling cards is less than what the phone company charges me each month, I will finally know the answer.

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