Business After a Bankruptcy

Posted on June 3, 2008 @ 7:13 pm

Things have sure been different this time around when I have tried to start a new business.  You see, a couple of years ago, I went bankrupt due to horrendous medical bills – I had no choice.  But the result of that decision was that I lost everything – my business, and my credit.

So now, a couple of years later, when I am trying to rebuild my life, I have run into some roadblocks.  We are trying to open a little music store in a local mall, but we have run into some issues such as financing and getting a merchant account.

Unfortunately for me, my bankruptcy is a strike when it comes to most merchant account providers and they want nothing to do with me.  But, I have found some high risk merchant accounts that will let me apply with no credit check at all.

So, I have applied and hopefully I will be accepted.  Otherwise, I might just have to scrap the idea for our business altogether.

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