Why Full Coverage Insurance?

Posted on June 1, 2008 @ 2:08 pm

About a year ago I switched out cars. I bought a newer one (still about 7 years old though) and the difference in price was pretty noticeable. However, even though I didn’t owe anything on it and owned it outright, I opted to keep full coverage auto insurance on it.

There are several benefits to full coverage car insurance, one being the rental car option in case you are suddenly left without a vehicle.

Another benefit to full coverage insurance is that you are covered in more situations. Basic or liability car insurance pretty much just covers someone else if you hit them or cause an accident while driving your car. Full coverage will help if you are hit by a tree or hail or something out of your control but not caused by another insured person.

With the ease of on line systems today, getting auto insurance quotes isn’t hard, but do your homework so you’ll get the best deal that you can.

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