Beautiful and Historic Wedding Destination

Posted on May 30, 2008 @ 12:15 pm

One of the most popular wedding spots in Australia is the central coast which offers beautiful  landscapes and luxury accommodations for the bride and groom along with the wedding party.

If it an outdoor wedding or ceremony with lots of tradition is what you are after, Linton Gardens is a beautiful place to get both. Their front drive with massive trees lining both sides sets the stage for a grand entrance even if you are not coming for the wedding, but the one hundred year old chapel is the prize winner on their landscape.

They offer many options in a wedding package, from garden weddings for a few guest to rather large parties with a five course breakfast for a larger wedding. The photos look simply breathtaking and if I were to have an outside wedding, It would be in that setting. This destination is an award winner for landscaping and fine dining for several years in a row also, so you know they are dedicated to good service and quality provisions.

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