In the Eyes of a Child

Posted on May 29, 2008 @ 10:03 am

The Christmas my daughter turned five I bought a brand new game system that came with two controllers and Super Mario World. That year my stepson, his wife and step-daughter came to visit and we all sat around the dining room table taking turns playing the game.

We got to one of the ghost houses and couldn’t find our way out. In the game you had to hit something that caused a timed task to start. We thought we knew what the task was, but suddenly my daughter said, “I saw it. I saw a blue door.”

No one really believed her but me. I knew that her child’s brain viewed things differently than ours and that it was possible she had, in fact, seen something where the rest of us weren’t looking. Of course we had to make our way back to that point, which took some doing, but when we got there, sure enough, a blue door appeared where none of us had been looking except for a smart little five-year-old girl.

Today you’ll sometimes see ads that say “free PSP” or “video game system. Best offer.” Interestingly, there is still a market for the classic systems. I wonder what the original Pong is going for these days? I wouldn’t go back to such primitive games as that now, but it does make me wax nostalgic. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Hmm.

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