The Turning Point in my Life

Posted on May 24, 2008 @ 5:28 pm

When I was in college I had the craziest friends.  In fact, I think we all still like to be alive and out of prison.  We were not only wild and out of control, but we were stupid and irresponsible and we had no regard for anybody around us and for how our actions could affect them.  We also had no regard for the law and we lived our lives one day at a time, never giving thought to how it may affect our future.

One of the stupidest things we ever did was rent out a self storage Philadelphia unit and spend the whole weekend partying in it and trashing the place. We did eventually get caught and we were arrested and charged.  This was the turning point for me and I realized that I could no longer go on this way or even hang on to the friends I had.

I started to get serious about my education in my life and I turned my life completely around.  I promised myself that day that I would make my parents proud and become the person that they had always wanted me to be.  I am actually thankful that I got arrested as it proved to be the only thing that maybe stop and think of someone besides myself.

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