Posted on May 23, 2008 @ 3:28 pm

“Okay, everyone, here’s what I want you to search for,” you say to your 20-odd students at the Whispering Hills Senior’s Center where you are teaching “Introduction to the World Wide Web — Searching Savvy.”

“The first search term is “limousine hire.” You spell “limousine” four times before everyone finally types it in correctly. Then you wait another minute for two people to add “hire” into the search box.

You’re already ten minutes behind schedule. You’d planned to have them search for “limo hire Kent” and “limo hire Surrey,” but they’ve already complained about the verb come after the noun. You pick one and explain — again — why this kind of word order is best for online searches. One man and two women argue with you about illiterate searches.

Finally, you show them how to save their searches. This takes you to the end of the class. You head home shaking your head, mentally revamping your lesson plans. Your 5-week course just got expanded to ten.

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