Trading Places

Posted on May 18, 2008 @ 6:06 pm

There’s a technical college in southeastern Ohio that trains students in hospitality management. On spring Saturdays, the facility is host to class reunions, up to three at the same time. I was present one such Saturday recently when the classes of ’43, ’58 and ’68 were sharing the dining room.

I was especially interested in one of the conversations at a particular table off in the corner. There a lively discussion had been sparked by a member of the class of 1968. The topic: trading commodities.

Clearly emotions were running high on the subject of fundamental versus technical trading. On the side of fundamentals was a paunchy, florid-faced Boomer who liked to slap the table to make his point. His opponent was an attractive, petite woman who won the argument when she quietly revealed just how much she’d made the previous month in trades, and precisely how she did it. Her monthly profit was more than the table thumper makes in a year. Chalk one up for the ladies.

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