The Perfect VOIP Phone

Posted on May 17, 2008 @ 7:49 pm

Having moved far away from home, long distance calling has been a large part of my life.  You see, I am very close to my parents (even though I live far away) and I call to talk to them every couple of days.  They are also getting older, so I feel like I need to stay in touch with them a little more than normal, just in case they are not there some day.

But, I have really been feeling the crunch of the long distance bills.  When you spend upwards of twenty percent of your income on the telephone, a solution – no, any solution, would be welcome.

It wasn’t until my birthday when I received one of those VOIP phones, that I realized that I had found my answer.  With one low price I was going to be able to call as much as I want, and not be tethered to a computer or wired headset.  In fact I would be able to use a regular phone, just like anyone else.

That is going to be just perfect for me.

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