Asian Underwear Mission

Posted on May 16, 2008 @ 5:14 pm

When my cousin, who runs an import business from her home, was going to China to see dealers about new products that she wanted to bring in.  I told her that she should see about getting me some wholesale lingerie. I had five bridal showers coming up all in one month and I tended to always give out lingerie at them.

She said that she would look into it, and though I had been kidding at first, I agreed upon a price and sent her on her Asian underwear mission. We had a big laugh over it and I was anxious when she left to see what she would find. I had visions of the most hideous teddies and I was hoping those visions would not come to fruition.

When she got back from Asia she showed me what she had been able to get. They were really nice and they cost about ninety percent less than they would have cost if I had purchased them here. In fact, they were so nice that I almost did not want to give them away.

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