Robots in Your Home

Posted on May 15, 2008 @ 3:52 pm

If you are a lover of robots, you will find this one interesting. The latest in technology from Toshiba offers a unit that is not only cute but comes with loads of time saving features.

This gadget offers the ability to capture infrared waves. So, you turn on your TV with a remote. If the little robot “sees” it and captures the signature, it can then be made to control the TV using voice commands.

It could come in handy for more than just cases of lost remote controls. It also offers photo capture technology which means it can take, analyze and send photos to you from home to wherever you are.

This could be helpful if you were to have a break in at your home. The little guy could take photos of the thieves and they likely wouldn’t even know about it!

The voice technology may come in handy for listening to emails or hearing the headlines read to you once the robot is hooked up to those functions. For now, it is just a prototype, but the possibilities are bright for this future home robot.

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