Bad Relationship with In-Laws

Posted on May 15, 2008 @ 10:37 am

I have not had very many unhappy relationships in my life with the exception of my relationship with my in-laws.  They have never liked me which is cause enough for some tension in the relationship but even worse, for me, is the way that they treat my husband.

He would love to have a happy relationship with his parents but it seems that they compare him to his brother and sister and it seems as though he will just never add up.  We decided to go see a counselor to find out what they would have to say on the subject and to find out if it would be best if we just give in and do whatever they say so they will be happy with us.

The counselor told us that there are many keys to a happy relationship but giving in and doing what another wants, if it is not what we want will not make a happy relationship at all.  He said that in the end we would end up a whole lot more bitter and it would just make the situation worse.

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