Building the Deck to be Just Right

Posted on May 13, 2008 @ 1:51 pm

Crunch! Thunk! Splat! Choom!


Ching! Thonk! Ping! Whack!

No, this isn’t an excerpt from a vintage comic book. It’s the sounds, traveling in time, from the year I demolished a brick stoop. Six months pregnant.

It’s amazing the satisfaction you get from tearing something down on purpose. I took out a lot of frustration on chipping away at the old brick and mortar.

Of course that summer was less about demolishing than about building – not to mention growing a baby. And build we did, one of those two-level wood decks that look so great in the plan books. At least that was the goal, but expectations exceeded my husband’s capabilities. But even if the final design wasn’t what we’d originally hoped for, it was still one of the nicest decks in the neighborhood.

The decking expanse wasn’t nearly as large I wanted, but it turned out to there was plenty of room for barbecuing and the baby’s playpen. What more could I ask?

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