Leasing Office Space

Posted on May 12, 2008 @ 12:30 pm

The property management company that I work for has recently acquired a client with a large number of office buildings downtown.  We will be in charge of leasing the office space for them and we need to fill the mostly vacant space with paying tenants.

In an effort to fill the spaces, management has conceived the idea that we should have a party on the location, open to businesses in the city that need office space.  It will not only give them a first person look at the location, but will also allow us to have the opportunity to convince them why they need to have an office with us.

Before this party will occur, we are getting a commercial photographer to come in and take pictures of the venue to generate interest for the party.

If this event ends up being the success that we forecast it to be, I think that we will use parties in the future to lease other commercial properties.

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