Meeting My Mentor

Posted on May 11, 2008 @ 11:14 am

When I was going to medical school I was working closely with a surgeon who specialized in carpal tunnel surgery. It was a field that I was interested in going into and it was suggested that I spend some time with him during his surgeries to find out if that was really what I wanted to do.

During the same time, I was given an assignment to find out how many cases there were of carpal tunnel in Orange County. The number that I came up with was quite astounding, but it did not surprise the surgeon at all. In fact, he told me that there were many more cases than what I had come up with because some people would never seek medical advice on the condition.

I really enjoyed my time working with him and he became one of my greatest mentors. I did end up specializing in the field and I did my internship with him. I still see him quite often and I seek out his advice when I am looking for a second opinion.

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