Wedding limos needed

Posted on May 10, 2008 @ 1:53 pm

My sister in law is getting married this summer and the last detail is hiring a Philadelphia limo service. They left it till last because they weren’t sure what they needed or for how many.

The details have been worked out now and they know they need enough room for the bride, groom, parents of both, and the maid of honor and brides maids as well as the groomsmen.

They want to have one limo for the bride and her maids and one limo for the groom and his men to use on the way to the service, then the bride and groom will ride together after the ceremony to the party. The family and maids and groomsmen can ride in the other cars.

They are having an outside wedding then moving to a hotel for the party which why they need several cars. It took them forever to decide how they wanted to do that part which is why we are down to just a month or two to find the service.

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