The Thrift Queen

Posted on May 6, 2008 @ 10:25 am

So you’re out garage sale-ing and someone sucks in her breath. “It’s the Queen!” Folks are suddenly grabbing stuff and running. The Queen of Thrift has been known to snatch items from in front of undecided shoppers.

You buy a garlic press and potato ricer, and slip away. You encounter her again at two more sales.

You make off with a tabletop fountain, two lamps and a bread machine before she even sees them.

As you pull up to the next sale, there she is, parking behind you. Enough!

You head to the local thrift store. You’ve just congratulated yourself on escaping, when you look up to see her enter.

To your stash in the car, you add brand new designer golf apparel, Go-Go boots and a vintage cookbook.

You walk into your house and Hubby says, “Ah, the Queen’s abroad.” You throw him a withering look, wondering where you’ll put all this stuff you don’t even want. Garage sale, anyone?

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