Last Minute Home Inspection

Posted on May 4, 2008 @ 7:37 pm

I received some good and bad news today.  You see, my realtor called and said that the offer that I had placed on a home we had looked at last week had been accepted, provided that I could get the home inspection tomorrow.

This really wouldn’t have been much of a problem, except that it is Sunday and he just called me ten minutes ago.  My challenge will be to find a home inspector that can basically come look at the house tomorrow, and I feel kind of bad that it will be a last-minute thing for them.

So, I have been looking online for “home inspectors Clearwater” in an attempt to come up with a list of companies to call early tomorrow morning.  I figure the best chance that I have will be to make the phone calls as early as possible in the off chance that I can find a home inspector with free time.

I just hope that everything works out as planned – I just really love the house, but I won’t buy anything without it being inspected first.  Wish me luck!

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