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Struggling With Debt

Posted By Admin on May 31, 2008 @ 12:53 pm

A couple of years ago, I found myself without employment for the first time in my life.  You see, I was laid off from my job at a meat packing plant, and I was unable to find a place to work.  I did have some savings that carried me through the first couple of months, but after that, I was in trouble.

Thankfully, I had a line of credit that I was able to use to keep me from starving, but it took six months for me to get another job, at which point I was in trouble.  I was in debt up to my eyeballs, and I was looking at going bankrupt – something I really didn’t want to do.

It was at that point I found out about bill consolidation loans and how they could help me out of my predicament.  Though it meant that I would have a long road ahead of me to set things straight, I knew that it was the right thing to do.

I just finished making my last payment and I feel better knowing that I didn’t have to go bankrupt.  Now that the burden of debt is gone, I will be able to get on with my life.

Beautiful and Historic Wedding Destination

Posted By Jenn Brockman on May 30, 2008 @ 12:15 pm

One of the most popular wedding spots in Australia is the central coast which offers beautiful  landscapes and luxury accommodations for the bride and groom along with the wedding party.

If it an outdoor wedding or ceremony with lots of tradition is what you are after, Linton Gardens is a beautiful place to get both. Their front drive with massive trees lining both sides sets the stage for a grand entrance even if you are not coming for the wedding, but the one hundred year old chapel is the prize winner on their landscape.

They offer many options in a wedding package, from garden weddings for a few guest to rather large parties with a five course breakfast for a larger wedding. The photos look simply breathtaking and if I were to have an outside wedding, It would be in that setting. This destination is an award winner for landscaping and fine dining for several years in a row also, so you know they are dedicated to good service and quality provisions.

Hard Water Testing Ground

Posted By Jenn Brockman on May 29, 2008 @ 7:42 pm

Hard water in a home or business can ruin appliances over time. Extremely hard water can make your appliances lousy investments. So, what do you do if you have hard or very hard water?

You buy a water softener system which helps to filter out the heavy debris like minerals from the water before it ever gets to your pipes and into your appliances like the dishwasher clothes washer and the ice maker on your refrigerator.

Honestly though, most commonly known water softeners are made only to handle mildly hard water and then they only last for a while. I recommend that you do your homework and research systems made for very hard water and that have been tested effective over many years, not just a few.

Finding strait answers might be difficult but it seems that when it comes to water softeners Phoenix is one of the best testing grounds due to their extremely hard water so if you find reviews from people who live in that area, you probably found a winner in water softener system.

In the Eyes of a Child

Posted By Deb Gallardo on @ 10:03 am

The Christmas my daughter turned five I bought a brand new game system that came with two controllers and Super Mario World. That year my stepson, his wife and step-daughter came to visit and we all sat around the dining room table taking turns playing the game.

We got to one of the ghost houses and couldn’t find our way out. In the game you had to hit something that caused a timed task to start. We thought we knew what the task was, but suddenly my daughter said, “I saw it. I saw a blue door.”

No one really believed her but me. I knew that her child’s brain viewed things differently than ours and that it was possible she had, in fact, seen something where the rest of us weren’t looking. Of course we had to make our way back to that point, which took some doing, but when we got there, sure enough, a blue door appeared where none of us had been looking except for a smart little five-year-old girl.

Today you’ll sometimes see ads that say “free PSP” or “video game system. Best offer.” Interestingly, there is still a market for the classic systems. I wonder what the original Pong is going for these days? I wouldn’t go back to such primitive games as that now, but it does make me wax nostalgic. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Hmm.

Home with My Babies

Posted By Mitefind on May 28, 2008 @ 10:11 am

After the birth of my first child, it broke my heart when I had to go back to work and leave him with a babysitter. After we had our second child, I knew that there was no way that I could leave both of them and I decided that I was going to figure out a way to make an income from home.

I sat and came up with several ideas and weighed the pros and cons of each idea. In the end, I decided that I was going to start my own company that specialized in unique baby gifts. I knew this was something that would interest nearly everyone. We all know people having babies and it is nice not to have to worry about what to get them for gifts.

The company did so well that I decided to expand it so that it would include wedding, shower and graduation gifts. It has far surpassed any expectations that I may have originally had for it and I am home with my babies; right where I want to be.

Stupid ex Husbands

Posted By Jenn Brockman on May 27, 2008 @ 11:55 am

The ring I got from my ex husband when he proposed to me was so far from what I wanted, that I should have known right then and there that the marriage wouldn’t work. I had spent months showing him diamond rings in gold, platinum and even sterling silver, explaining what it was that I wanted in engagement rings.

Apparently he wasn’t listening. I had asked for an eternity ring which a ring set with diamonds in a channel that goes completely around the ring. It didn’t even have to be real diamonds, I would have been fine with CZ since it was the style that mattered to me.

What I got was a yellow gold band with some emerald baguettes in it and one little tiny diamond chip. I’m not even sure how to describe the setting but it wasn’t anything at all like what I wanted.
Call me petty, go ahead. I think he should have listened to me though.

A Limo Bus from the Company – What a Cool Surprise!

Posted By Jenn Brockman on May 26, 2008 @ 2:52 pm

For my last job  my company sent a team of people to get advanced training in Philadelphia and our company rented a Philadelphia car service for us. Since we all arrived at the same time on the same flight and there were about ten of us, the company sent out a mini coach instead of a limo.

It reminded me on the outside of a bus used by hotels and airports to shuttle people back and forth. I rode one of these from the Vegas airport into town to my hotel a couple years ago.

However, the cool part was that the inside was all partied out! It was custom on the inside with leather side seats and a mini bar and very fun lighting. The bosses felt we deserved some great treatment since we were top producers in our company. We were all really surprised but it didn’t end there. We had a driver of some sort ready every day to take us wherever we needed to go!

My First Experience with Mobile Sites

Posted By Admin on May 25, 2008 @ 2:15 pm

After upgrading from my old, pre-2000 mobile phone, I thought that it was time for me to try out some of its’ new features.  Sure, having a color screen was a big step forward in itself, but I thought that I should really put the phone to the test.

So, what I did was see if I could find some wap sites that would work with it.  If you are unfamiliar with that term, a wap site is a site that is designed to display properly on a mobile phone.  Many of the most common sites like Google and eBay have a version designed so that it displays properly on a cell phone.

While browsing around on my phone, I came across a mobile community that I joined that would allow me to have my own mobile site to share with my friends.  From what I have seen, I think that this will be a great way for me to use some of my wasted time on the bus to work to connect with the rest of the world.  All I can say is that it is pretty slick!

The Turning Point in my Life

Posted By Mitefind on May 24, 2008 @ 5:28 pm

When I was in college I had the craziest friends.  In fact, I think we all still like to be alive and out of prison.  We were not only wild and out of control, but we were stupid and irresponsible and we had no regard for anybody around us and for how our actions could affect them.  We also had no regard for the law and we lived our lives one day at a time, never giving thought to how it may affect our future.

One of the stupidest things we ever did was rent out a self storage Philadelphia unit and spend the whole weekend partying in it and trashing the place. We did eventually get caught and we were arrested and charged.  This was the turning point for me and I realized that I could no longer go on this way or even hang on to the friends I had.

I started to get serious about my education in my life and I turned my life completely around.  I promised myself that day that I would make my parents proud and become the person that they had always wanted me to be.  I am actually thankful that I got arrested as it proved to be the only thing that maybe stop and think of someone besides myself.


Posted By Deb Gallardo on May 23, 2008 @ 3:28 pm

“Okay, everyone, here’s what I want you to search for,” you say to your 20-odd students at the Whispering Hills Senior’s Center where you are teaching “Introduction to the World Wide Web — Searching Savvy.”

“The first search term is “limousine hire.” You spell “limousine” four times before everyone finally types it in correctly. Then you wait another minute for two people to add “hire” into the search box.

You’re already ten minutes behind schedule. You’d planned to have them search for “limo hire Kent” and “limo hire Surrey,” but they’ve already complained about the verb come after the noun. You pick one and explain — again — why this kind of word order is best for online searches. One man and two women argue with you about illiterate searches.

Finally, you show them how to save their searches. This takes you to the end of the class. You head home shaking your head, mentally revamping your lesson plans. Your 5-week course just got expanded to ten.

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