Whom Do You Trust?

Posted on April 29, 2008 @ 9:53 am

I recently read an article about how difficult it is becoming to gain the trust of consumers, especially online. There are just too many get-rich-quick schemes, too much hype, too many empty promises and far too much outright fraud. Savvy online consumers have every reason to be wary and skeptical. As usual, it’s the sleazy minority who spoil it for everyone else.

It’s gotten to the point that no one believes the word “free” anymore. If you see an ad for a free California health insurance quote, what’s the thing that enters your mind? Isn’t it “What’s the catch?” The irony is, it’s hard to find an insurance quote that is not free.

The solution? Build trust with potential clients by allowing them to get to know you. Show your genuine self, provide “free” information without asking for anything in return, including name and email address, and never, ever, do anything to betray that trust. If you do, you’ve not only ruined your own business, you’ve smeared the good name of the rest of us.

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