Getting the Dirt on His Dates

Posted on April 27, 2008 @ 9:13 pm

My brother has always been one to dig up dirt on his dates.  He wants to know everything about his dates, the good and especially the bad.  For him, it is like he has power over them as well as a warning tool to find out if he is dating a loser.

Okay, that makes him sound bad, but really he is an okay guy.  But he has had some very bad luck in the past and he just wants to make sure that he prevents any pain that he may suffer.  Lately he has been taking advantage of the many free online dating sites to find future Mrs. right.

What he loves the most is that most of them have profiles as well as feedback from other users.  Usually if there is a lemon of a date, you know about it immediately based on the reviews and ratings on the site.

I guess he has a new date that he is going out with on Wednesday.  He will let me know how it goes – I just hope he finds someone soon, he is not getting any younger.

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