Getting the Best Price on a Bike

Posted on April 25, 2008 @ 12:38 pm

I have had my eye on getting a motorcycle for the longest time, but quite frankly, I really couldn’t afford it.  Sure, a new bike would be great, but it just didn’t fit well into my budget.

So, I tried to find a good used one on my own.  But, as it turned out, my search started off with problems.  First, I really couldn’t find the selection that I hoped to find in my home town – there really wasn’t much (if any) selection.  Most of the ones that were for sale, we junk.

I was about to give up, until one of my friends recommended the Motorcycle Trader that they used to find their bike.  I guess the guy works much like a realtor – he finds the deals and presents them to you.

So, I will have to give the guy a call – hopefully, he will be able to help me find the bike of my dreams.

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