My Two True Loves

Posted on April 23, 2008 @ 11:40 am

I went to a French Immersion school from kindergarten through grade twelve and because of it, I am pretty fluent in the language. I decided that I was going to mix the two things I love, being French and traveling, and try to find a job in Europe.

I looked up a translation company London and sent in a resume and an application. It did not take long before I had someone call me and offer to pay my airfare there just to have an interview. Of course I said yes and I took a flight the very next day.

I was hired right away and I flew home and had only three weeks to pack all of my stuff and send it to London to my new flat. I am loving the job, loving my home and loving the whole experience. I can see me being here for many years, much to my mom’s dismay, but she will either have to get used to it or move here to be with me.

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