Helping out a Sister in Need

Posted on April 16, 2008 @ 2:21 pm

My sister is coming to my place in a few weeks to showcase her products that she is selling in her home business.  I told her, that I would be happy to invite some friends over to my house so that she could tell them about the product and hopefully make a few sales from the event.

I told her that I wasn’t really into anything very extravagant and that as far as entertaining those all the guests would be getting would be cheap finger food.  She said she was fine with this as it wasn’t about the food anyway; it was about the product that she was selling.

I hope that she does well as I am really trying to it and encourage and support her and getting out there and having the guts to run a business.  I am not really interested in the product she is selling but I am interested in being a good sister and doing my part to make her success happen.

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