Grandpa’s Legacy

Posted on April 15, 2008 @ 3:06 pm

About sixty years ago, my grandfather started a bible camp as a place for inner city kids to go for the summer. His main goal for starting the camp was to try and keep these kids out of trouble, which he said was caused by boredom. He saved many kids from repeating the same mistakes that their parents had made.

The camp is still running now and Grandpa created a legacy that will be around for years to come. I am sure that nothing is the same as it was back then, but it is still a place of refuge for inner city kids. There are beautiful log cabins that replaced the canvas wall tents that used to be there and the camp now even has indoor plumbing.

The thing that has changed the most is that Grandpa is no longer around to oversee the running of the camp. There are great people there, but they are not Grandpa and he is sadly missed by all who remember the part he had in the creation and the running of the camp back in the good old days.

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