A Different Kind of Life

Posted on April 14, 2008 @ 5:16 pm

This past summer, I experience my very first street performance fair. It was wonderful and I am so flabbergasted at what kinds of lives some of these people must live. It would definitely have to be an exciting life, as going to “work” would never become tedious and boring.

All throughout the fair you could catch many fire jugglers and stiltwalkers. It was like they were just ordinary people and as if it was something that you would see every day. They talked to you like it was nothing at all and I was amazed at the confidence and talent that the exuded.

I often wonder what it takes to get into that kind of profession. I mean, do you just one day decide that you want to juggle with fire for a living? I am so glad that I went, even if it was to make me more aware of the different types of people in the world. Sometimes it is good to leave the little bubble that we call life.

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