Dinner With the Boss

Posted on April 10, 2008 @ 5:28 pm

I recently had the opportunity to have dinner with my boss.  I know that this might sound a little strange, but we were at a marketing conference and being his right hand man, I was there as well.  We were just having lunch during the lunch break from the conference.

My boss owns a number of self storage facilities, and I thought I could pick his brain as a self storage owner to see what to expect owning your own facility.  You see, I have the opportunity to purchase a facility at a good discount, and I have been really considering doing it.

He explained to me that when he started out, he was a little skeptical that it would work out, but everything worked out fine.  Investment wise, he felt that it was one of the best ones that he made in his life and told me I was making the right decision.

We went back to the conference and had a good day.  I think that I will buy the facility that is for sale – it sounds like a good investment for me.

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