Losing an Argument

Posted on April 3, 2008 @ 10:47 am

My friend and I were discussing the relevance of using online video ads to promote your website. I didn’t think that they would really generate much more traffic and he thought that they were absolutely critical. We decided to go and check out some different sites with and without and see what we thought.

I do have to admit that the sites containing the online video ads were more pleasing to the eye and definitely held my attention a lot longer than the ones that didn’t have them. Okay, so there was one point against my argument, but it still didn’t prove that it would send traffic to the site, so we decided on another experiment.

He made an online ad and posted it with a link to his site. We said we would give it a week and see if there was any difference in traffic. The week is now over and I lost this argument really bad. The ad drove about double the traffic to his site. I am all for them now and I even have them on my own site now.

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