Celebrating My Cat’s Birthday

Posted on March 31, 2008 @ 4:18 pm

While most people find it funny, we treat our pets just like the other members of our family.  Each year, we celebrate our cat’s birthday.  We buy her premium pet food, take her to the pet grooming service, and treat her like a queen for a day.

We make our cat’s birthday a family affair and have our extended family over for birthday cake.  Most of them bring gifts for her such as cat toys and pet clothing.  Though she doesn’t have the opportunity to unwrap the presents herself, we feel that she understands and appreciates the sentiments expressed through the gifts that she receives.

We let her play with the gifts right away as well as show off her new clothes for all the guests to see. This way, we can not only see her reaction, but it lets those who have given her gifts enjoy her using them as well.  We also give them cat themed treat bags as a thank you for them attending the party.

Though our traditions may seem a little crazy it is our little way to express our love to her furry friend.

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