A Nurse’s Opinion

Posted on March 30, 2008 @ 3:20 pm

The unit that I have been transferred to is definitely a different experience for me. You see, I used to work on the pediatric ward, but due to a staff shortage, I have been transfered to the department that works on patients with Edema.

If you are not familiar with Edema, it is a condition that cannot be cured and has such symptoms as swollen legs, puffy eyelids and weight gain. These patients require different care than what I am used to, but I do enjoy the challenge.

We have been trying out some new natural Edema treatments and we have been having some success with them. We have been using both Capisette and other natural weight loss supplements to help our patients on the road to recovery.

Though there is no cure, we have found that our current treatment methods help our patients to have a better quality of living than those who do not use it.  Hopefully there will be a cure someday, but in the meantime, we will do whatever we can for our patients – that is what we are here for.

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