Learning Internet Marketing

Posted on March 26, 2008 @ 12:40 pm

Even though I have owned many websites over the years, there is one thing that I don’t stop doing: learning.  That is right, in some respects I would classify myself as a professional, but there is a never ending stream of things that I can learn – I don’t know everything.

Take for example Internet marketing.  In the “olden days” (think ten years ago), all you really had to do was submit your sites to search engines, and that was about it.  Back in those days it was pretty simple to market your site and get results.

But, things have changed.  We have moved past simpler times of just submitting your site to countless web directories, and writing articles.  Now there are new social marketing methods that have a greater return on investment compared to the old, traditional marketing methods.

I am happy for the changes as it makes my job a little more challenging and rewarding.  I can say one thing for sure: I am never bored.

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