My Wife Had Postpartum Depression

Posted on March 20, 2008 @ 12:48 pm

After the birth of our second child, my wife ended up with postpartum depression.  She was very down all of the time, and would cry without a moments notice.  At the time, we talked to our doctor and she was enrolled in a depression treatment program.

The program for anxiety and depression treatment that she was enrolled in helped, but it didn’t solve the problem.  Sure, the atmosphere in our home was better, but being surrounded by her depression made the mood of the whole house stressed and depressed.  We needed to do something about it.

It was at that point that we talked to Dr. Ho, who suggested a homeopathic treatment for depression that we could use.  All she had to do is take a couple drops, three times per day and that was it.

After a couple of weeks things started to improve.  In fact, it got to the point where her depression was gone – and there was a sigh of relief in our home.  I just hope that when we have our next child, we don’t go through this again – it was sure tough.

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