New Challenge for my Writing Skills

Posted on March 18, 2008 @ 1:03 pm

I like to try my hand at different writing tasks.  You see, I have always loved to write, but in my adult life, there has not been a lot of chances to write anything more detailed than a phone message.  When I saw an ad for someone to write admission essays, I wanted to find out more.

The company that was looking for writers was an online essay sales company.  They were looking for people to work in their college application essay department writing essays for their clients.  Basically we would be provided a list of interests and accomplishments, and we would craft their words into an essay that they would submit with their college application.

I had never written one before, so they wanted me to provide them with a sample.  Before I did that, I had to ask what the rate of pay was – and unfortunately it was way too low.

So, I will have to pass on this opportunity, and maybe look for the next one.  Who knows what might come my way.

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