Seeing A Clear Picture

Posted on March 14, 2008 @ 10:45 pm

I have been reading about upcoming television technologies, and I am very excited.  There have been talks about some upcoming Sony OLED TVs, but I needed to find out what OLED even meant.

After looking it up, I learned that it meant “organic light emitting diode”.  I also learned some other OLED info such as they are going to be extremely thin and offer something to compete with existing LCD and Plasma televisions.

Okay, maybe compete is not the right word – they will beat the current technologies badly.  You see, I read a chart that was AMOLED vs. LCD, and LCD doesn’t stand a chance.  Especially in terms of image clarity and detail, and LCD television is just blurry compared to what is coming out.

So, we will have to wait and see when they do come out, but I cannot wait to see the sharpness and clarity of these new televisions when they come out – I bet they will be amazing.

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