Advertising Our New Business

Posted on March 12, 2008 @ 8:57 pm

My husband and I just purchased some magnetic car signs from a local printing company. We stuck them on the doors of our cars and are hoping that they are useful in generating some new business. We are a fairly new company and are not that well known yet, so we were hoping that the signs would help.

We also each have custom license plates on the front of our cars with the business logo and phone number on them. We have had these for awhile, but as they are so small, I really don’t think that people pay much attention to them. They are also on the completely wrong spot of the vehicle. No one looks at the front of your car.

We have followed all of the safety signs for starting a new business. We figure once the business takes off, we will make the advertising on the vehicle more permanent, but for now, the magnets are the way to go. If the business tanks, the decals can go down with it, but I can keep the car.

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