Home Delivered Office Furniture

Posted on March 11, 2008 @ 5:17 pm

A little while back, I had a little accident reducing my mobility.  I thought that I should join a dodge ball league for thirty year olds as a way to get in shape.  The first few weeks were great and I enjoyed them a lot.

On the ninth time that we got together and played, I had the unfortunate incident of stepping on a ball and spraining my ankle.  Not only did that hurt, but it was going to cause me a big problem – I was going going to setup my new home business and move some home office furniture into my house.

That was not going to happen with a sprained ankle!

So, I went online to find some office furniture that could be delivered right into my condo.  I managed to find a site that had the office chairs and desk I wanted – and they would bring it in and set it up for me.

It was perhaps the quickest decision I had ever made – but it was the right one at the time.  They came, setup my furniture, and I was able to start my business while having a sprained ankle.

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