Losing My Scent

Posted on March 10, 2008 @ 3:09 am

When I graduated from high school, some very good friends of my family gave me my very first expensive bottle of perfume. I absolutely loved it and it suited me perfectly. It was Ocean Dreams by Georgio Beverly Hills.

A couple of years after high school, I started dating the most wonderful guy and shortly after that, we were engaged. He said one of the things that he first found attractive about me was my perfume. He absolutely loved the scent and every time he smelled it, it reminded him of me. This confirmed that it was the right scent for me and I would always be grateful for my friends for getting it for me.

I had only a little left in the bottle and decided it was time to go and buy some more. Imagine my shock and horror when I found out that they no longer made this particular scent. I actually cried because it was so perfect for me. I decided to save the little bit I had left for my wedding. I started my search for a new scent that was all me, but to this day, I have found nothing that even compares.

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