A Cost Effective Wedding

Posted on March 10, 2008 @ 1:11 am

When we were planning our wedding, my husband and I did everything as cheap as possible. We did not want things to look cheap and tacky, but we also did not want to go into debt by having an extravagant wedding. We were also planning on buying our first house and wanted to save as much money as we could for this.

We decided that we would go with practical favors and we gave everyone a small picture of the two of us together with the date stamped on it. We figured that everyone would like a picture rather than a book of matches. It went over very well and we got a lot of compliments on the idea.

The wedding went over very well and we had a great time without spending a lot of money. It was a nice wedding and I think everyone enjoyed it just as much as they would have if we had spent tens of thousands of dollars putting something together. I know the day was very memorable for me and my husband and in the end, which is what counts the most.

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