Looking for Allergy Relief

Posted on March 6, 2008 @ 8:45 pm

I love and hate spring.  I love the new life, melting of the snow, and the leaves on the trees.  That part of spring makes me very happy.

But on the flip side, spring brings pollen, dust and mold out in the air.  For me, that is a recipe for coughing, sneezing and a runny nose.  Sure, I could bring some tissues with me wherever I go, but when you forget, it is a recipe for disaster.

So, I went to talk to my doctor to see if there was something that I could take to alleviate my allergies – especially when they are really bad.  It turns out that he gave me an Allegra D prescription.  According to him, Allegra D will relieve my allergy symptoms and reduce my dependence on tissues.

I am going to try it out and hopefully it works.  It would be so nice to enjoy spring for a change, instead of suffering through it.

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