Needing a New Job

Posted on March 3, 2008 @ 9:32 am

I came across an advertisement in the paper the other day, looking for someone who was interested in doing Mesa exterior painting. I was very interested in this, as I was having a difficult time finding work and I wondered if this might be an answer to prayer. I decided to check it out and gave the number a call.

I asked the man if there was a branch of the company closer to my area and he let me know about a Phoenix paint contractor that may be looking for help. I told him that I would make the call and if I couldn’t find anything closer to home, I would call him back.

That is how I got my job as a Phoenix house painter. I really love what I am doing and it makes me feel good to complete a project. I have yet to have a customer complain about my work. I have finally found something that I am good at and I am getting paid for it. It is great.

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