The Perfect Pregnancy Announcement

Posted on February 15, 2008 @ 10:09 pm

When we were pregnant for the first time, we were so excited that we told everyone.  Though this method was effective, it wasn’t very original.  Most people would announce a pregnancy this way, and we felt that it was a bit boring.  We vowed that we would figure out some way to make our second pregnancy announcement (years later) a little more original.

Between the time that we had the birth of our first child, to when we were pregnant with the second, we tossed ideas back and forth.  Most of them were crazy and ridiculous – what we needed was a good, solid and original idea.

What we came up with came to us by chance.  We happened to be at the mall one day, looking for clothes, when we saw a kiosk that allowed you to design your own T shirt.  It was as though lightning struck at that moment, and we finally found our great idea.

Though the kiosk vendor didn’t offer the type of shirt we were looking for, we decided to take our hunt online for the company that would allow us to make custom T shirts at a reasonable price.

We ended up going with a website that would allow you to make your own T shirt and have it shipped to you from their company.  The reason that we went with the company we did in the end, was that we could get a shirt in the size of our son, and they would allow you to order as little as one.

Needless to say, the shirt my son wore to the family Christmas party was a big hit – and ended up being the perfect pregnancy announcement.

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