Sucking Up To Dad

Posted on February 7, 2008 @ 6:35 pm

My dad has two Budge SUV covers for his Ford Explorer and he uses them all the time. He has recently become the proud owner of a new Honda bike and it is definitely his new baby. I am happy for him because he deserves it.

With his birthday, I wanted to get him something that he will love. It hit me that the best idea would be to find him some motorcycle covers, like the ones he has for the Explorer. It was a grand idea and now I am on a mission to find some really good quality ones.

I decided to go to a place that deals with truck covers and enquire about ones for bikes. They didn’t have any on hand, but said that they would be happy to order some in for me. They found a catalogue that contained an assortment of them and I decided which I wanted. They came in last week. I am so going to be Dad’s favorite this year.

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