Crazy Car Rentals

Posted on February 6, 2008 @ 1:38 pm

It is crazy trying to get a car rental Miami. I didn’t think to book it in advance and when my plane landed, the airport was crazy busy and there were line ups like you wouldn’t believe at all of the car rental terminal places. I was wondering if it was always like this or if I had come on a bad day.

I decided to ask my buddy about it, as he was always going to Miami for business trips and I figured he would have told me about this if it were something that happened on a regular basis. I decided against the car rentals Miami for the moment and caught a cab instead.

A few days later, when I needed a car rental Tampa, I had a much easier time. The line ups were short and the staff was prompt and courteous. I had a much nicer time and I thought I would be glad to do more business here and forego Miami all together.

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