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A Boring Career?: Depends Who You Ask

Posted By Mitefind on February 29, 2008 @ 12:27 pm

One thing that I will never understand is why people actually decide to become accountants. I have always felt that numbers were very boring and it seems like sitting behind a desk and crunching numbers all day would be a recipe for disaster. I still don’t get why people pay thousands of dollars and waste years of their lives training to do this.

I have a friend that decided to become an accountant, so I decided to ask him what drew him into this choice of careers. He said that he simply found accounting easy and that there was a lot of money to be made by going into this field of work. I did agree with him on the money bit, but still, to want to do this day in and day out was beyond me.

He told me that what made him decide to do it was that when he was at his high school job, he had such a great time doing payroll. He worked at a convenience store for four years and during his last year of high school, he was put on payroll. He would rather have done payroll all day than work behind the counter. He decided then that he loved accounting.

Little Toy Trains

Posted By Mitefind on February 28, 2008 @ 1:09 pm

My dad built a train toy box for my son and it is complete with a train horn and a little gold bell to ring. In fact, it is one of the most magnificent toy boxes that I have ever seen. My son loves it and we are a bit afraid to let him have it in his room as it looks more like a collector’s item than it does a toy box.

After a lot of use, it seems that the horn is getting worn out and it doesn’t seem nearly as loud as it used to. I asked my dad about this and he suggested that we get some replacement train horns to keep on hand for when they wear out. He said that they would be reasonably easy to put in and that I should be able to do it myself.

We found some and I replaced the old one. It works really well now and my son is thrilled that he can hear it again. He is so thrilled, in fact, that I can foresee us having to replace it again in the not too distant future. That is alright though. We now have extras on hand and it is a small price to pay for his happiness.

Getting The Details on my Medical Insurance

Posted By Admin on February 27, 2008 @ 1:12 pm

Looking over my bank statement today, I noticed that I had a withdrawal for my personal accident insurance.  Now, it has been years since I took out the policy, and strangely no one has contacted me about my coverage.

I thought that I would dig around in my files to see what I did have for coverage as well as what other insurance I was carrying.  Since I am not too organized, it took awhile for me to find what I was looking for, but I did eventually find the documentation of my insurance plan.

I guess I have an individual medical insurance plan that also has individual vision insurance.  I guess I should have read that feature as I could use some new glasses.  But thankfully, I know that now – all I have to do is make a point of making an appointment.

Learn from my mistake: know the details of your medical insurance.

Impressing My Wife

Posted By Admin on February 19, 2008 @ 11:54 pm

I wanted to impress my wife with the first home that we would live in together.  When I was out looking at houses, I tried to find a house with everything that she ever wanted.  Now, that is sure not an easy task, but I thought I would try to make the woman that I love happy.

She had some requirements for what type of house we should live in and what the bathroom suites should look like.  She didn’t want to make a bad impression each time that someone stepped into her bathroom – so I had to make sure to pick out one that was perfect.

Most of the houses I looked at had ugly bathrooms – you know the type that would get a husband in trouble.  I was just about to give up, when I looked at a home that had whirlpool baths instead of shower baths

I knew that a house like that with nice, deep and comfortable bathtubs would be perfect for her – in fact, she may think that she was living in heaven.  In the end, we bought the house and she loved the bathtubs.  Who knew it would be so easy to please my wife?

Almost Lost My Emails

Posted By Admin on @ 9:55 pm

I read once that most of the computer problems are caused by human error – I believe it.  You see, I just made one of those human errors this week when I dropped something on my keyboard and all hell broke loose.

Don’t ask me how I did it, but I dropped a book on my keyboard, and based on where it was sitting, it managed to delete all my emails in my email software.  After cursing for a few moments (I was really mad – thankfully no one was in the room at the time), I calmed down a bit – there had to be a solution to my problem.

I went online to do a search on how to do an outlook recovery.  After looking through some of the sites that I found, I learned that I was not the only one that had done this before – and there was some special software that let you recover deleted mails.

All I did was run the software, go watch a television program, and came back to it being done.  Not only did it get my lost emails back, but it was able to repair inbox – I guess there was some problems with that too.

Future Business Opportunity

Posted By Mitefind on February 16, 2008 @ 4:21 pm

I am fascinated by the rapid growth of scrapbooking. It has caught on so fast and seems like it is a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs. I recently did a search on scrapbooking supplies Canada, to see just how saturated that the online market was at this point.

It was interesting to see how little there was available in Canada and how many of the American ones would not ship into Canada. I found this to be a wonderful business opportunity in selling Canadian scrapbook supplies and decided that a little more research should be done on the topic.

I keyed in “scrapbook supplies Canada” to find out exactly how many sites there were. I was also curious about stationary stores and how many of them existed in my immediate area. I was pleased with the results. It is not something I am endeavoring to do at this moment, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

The Perfect Pregnancy Announcement

Posted By Admin on February 15, 2008 @ 10:09 pm

When we were pregnant for the first time, we were so excited that we told everyone.  Though this method was effective, it wasn’t very original.  Most people would announce a pregnancy this way, and we felt that it was a bit boring.  We vowed that we would figure out some way to make our second pregnancy announcement (years later) a little more original.

Between the time that we had the birth of our first child, to when we were pregnant with the second, we tossed ideas back and forth.  Most of them were crazy and ridiculous – what we needed was a good, solid and original idea.

What we came up with came to us by chance.  We happened to be at the mall one day, looking for clothes, when we saw a kiosk that allowed you to design your own T shirt.  It was as though lightning struck at that moment, and we finally found our great idea.

Though the kiosk vendor didn’t offer the type of shirt we were looking for, we decided to take our hunt online for the company that would allow us to make custom T shirts at a reasonable price.

We ended up going with a website that would allow you to make your own T shirt and have it shipped to you from their company.  The reason that we went with the company we did in the end, was that we could get a shirt in the size of our son, and they would allow you to order as little as one.

Needless to say, the shirt my son wore to the family Christmas party was a big hit – and ended up being the perfect pregnancy announcement.

I Love Technology and my iPhone

Posted By Admin on February 14, 2008 @ 9:26 pm

Ever since I was a child I have loved gadgets, like computers and video games.  Any chance I had, I was tinkering with computers or playing the new video game systems of the day.

Now that I am older, I can experience my love of technology more than as a child since I now have the means to buy those toys that I want.  Since that is now my reality, I was quick to pick up an iPhone when they came out.

From what I read about the iPhone news at the time, I knew it would be a perfect match for my passion of technology and gadgets.  I also liked the fact that it would reduce the number of devices that I would have to carry around with me, which was a welcome feature.

Since I have bought my iPhone, I have bought a number of iPhone accessories such as a case, screen protector, and car charger.  I have even had the chance to download some iPhone games for those few chances that I have some downtime.

I love technology and I love my iPhone.

Helping Parents Out with their Investments

Posted By Admin on February 13, 2008 @ 4:35 pm

I can remember as a young adult going with my parents to the bank to get my first car loan.  They were also there when I invested my first money, bought my first stocks, and sat down with a financial planner for the first time.  They were instrumental in getting me started in my journey, and it seems fitting that I would be with them when they reached the age of retirement.

Well, it has finally come time for my parents to retire, and they have asked me to come along to help them out.  They asked if I could accompany them to a meeting with their financial advisor and accountant to help them make sure that everything would be kept straight.

We spent the better part of an hour learning about the required minimum distribution that was required for my parents to take out of their IRA account each year.  It seemed pretty straight forward (once it was explained to us) and we were given a worksheet to fill out to find out what the minimum would be for them.

The accountant mentioned some tax benefits of a Lump Sum Distribution, but that part of the discussion kind of went over my head.  We have scheduled another meeting with them in a weeks time to discuss any questions that we can think of over the week period.

I am very happy to be in a position to help my parents out with their finances – it is like returning the favor for their help they gave me.

Secrets to Success on our European Vacation

Posted By Admin on February 11, 2008 @ 2:01 pm

I have to say that our trip to Europe was one of the most monumental moments of my life.  It was quite amazing to see the places that we had studied in school, and those few places that I have dreamed about all my life (think Stonehenge).

But going on the trip wasn’t free, and there was a price attached to it.  We had to save up our money for a long time, and work a little extra on the weekends so that we could go. 
Sure, this meant that we would have less social time with our friends, but with our dreams in sight, we made a commitment to do what was needed to be done, to get where we wanted to go.

Alright, that wasn’t our only secret.  In fact, I would say that the most cost savings were done by my wife.  You see, she is a bit of a bargain hunter, and she had been scouring the web for cheap car rentals.  She was able to find cheap car hire Italy, cheap car hire Switzerland, and cheap car hire Ireland.

Did those savings add up?

You bet.  In fact, thanks to her finding us good deals, we were able to stay an extra week, and come home with some money left in our bank accounts.

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