Without Promotion, Your Site Is Doomed

Posted on January 25, 2008 @ 12:24 pm

I often wonder how many people who own websites and businesses on the Internet know what article marketing is. I have heard so of so many people who have tried to run website businesses and failed.

Even though some of the ideas were good and the websites were developed well, what the people lacked was the ability to utilize the online media to promote their site. Without promotion, a site is going to go nowhere.

There are so many ways to achieve higher search engine rankings, that there is no way a site should go un-promoted and end up being a complete flop. I do have to admit that I do very well on in the Internet market because of these sites.

I offer to buy these dud sites at a very low cost, do a little bit of Internet marketing, and then sell them at quite a profit. It is not dishonest and it is what I like to do. Half of these people would not take the time to promote, even if they knew how.

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